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Priscacara liops - Fossil fish tiles Diplomystus - Fossil Art for Home Decor Jurassic ammonites - Fossil Gifts Amethyst Druze, Uruguay Douvilleiceras, Albian Stage Perisphinctes, Oxfordian Stage
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Designs by Time, LLC provide consumers with high quality fossil specimens for the purpose of interior designs in residential or commercial use. The Green River fossil stone offer decorative home interior designs used in the application of fossil art wall hangings, kitchen countertops and backsplash tiles, which are treated for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Visit the Fish Plates section for items of this nature.

To discover the real beauty of exhibited fossilized fish, visit the Fish Murals section. These decorative fossil stones are sized in larger plates with displays of multiple fish. The preserved fish on these plates include the Priscacara liops, Knightia eocaena, Diplomystus denatus and/or the Phareodus encaustus. Click here for specifics on the genus listed. Our inventory is excavated from the Green River Formation in Wyoming quarries. In addition, under special requests, these plates can be displayed in a triptych art style with painted faux palm frond leaves or closed as a single plate. Simply contact Designs by Time, LLC to request unique murals.

Designs by Time, LLC is affiliated with Black Hawk Fossils. We offer the same fine quality fossil stone purchased for private collectors, interior designing for home decors and corporate offices. Be sure to visit for more superior fossil products.

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